Justin Orchard-Lisle (Edge Grove 1955-1960)
Justin Orchard-Lisle (Edge Grove 1955-1960) sadly passed away on the 27th April 2019 aged 71.

After leaving Edge Grove, Justin went to Le Rosey in Switzerland, and then to Millfield. There he kept pet pigs and demonstrated an early entrepreneurial spirit by fixing up old bicycles and selling them on.

Working in London in the commercial property sector, he gained enormous experience with Town and City Properties between 1966 and 1973, and then at Raglan Property where he remained for 9 years based in their Piccadilly office. Justin always recalled his time at Raglan fondly, where he gained significant experience and had many adventures enjoying the flamboyant lifestyle of the property world at that time.

Justin found himself looking after one of Raglan’s major developments in Newbury, resulting from which he purchased an old barn near Newbury, which he enjoyed developing into his own home. He soon met his wife Jo with whom he had two sons, Jolyon in 1981 and Hugo in 1983.

Justin and Jo set up a property development company together, establishing a close circle of associates who were all talented in their respective fields, but whose trustworthiness and humour were equally valued. Justin worked within a framework of loyalty and trust as the cornerstone of his business life.

His gentlemanly nature, honesty and generosity were observed by many and Justin would help anyone he could, particularly friends and family, but there were other causes he cared deeply about such as the various charities he supported.

Justin's other defining characteristic was his humour and a smile or laughter was never far from his face. He retained his sense of humour to the end. He showed that humour can make the wonderful moments of life truly glorious, and make the tragic moments bearable.

Justin also demonstrated that great pleasure should be derived from simple things in life - the company of others, laughter, food, drink, the built environment and the natural world.
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