The Edge Grove Annual Fund 2019/2020
The Annual Fund is the school’s yearly campaign to provide an additional revenue stream in support of the daily operating budget that school fees provide.  Edge Grove school fees pay for all operating expenses of the school. Staff salaries, supplies, and ongoing maintenance of the site are all covered by this budget and are what keeps the school functional in the first place.  The Annual Fund becomes the solution for all the essential “extras” that makes the school not just “good” but “exceptional” and the small to medium projects that are funded have an immediate impact on current pupils at the time of giving and benefit future generations of Edge Grove pupils to come.  The Annual Fund request provides a ‘shopping list’ of extra items the school would like to obtain for this academic year. This list has been devised with input from all departments and all donors will see the immediate benefit of the items purchased with these donations rather than adding to a long term fund that would be used when their child has left the school.
Please find more details about the Annual Fund for 2019/2020 here.
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